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domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Social Science

The Renaissance.

 This week, in Social sciences, we did a lot ofthings.

    First,on Monday, we read  the pages 83 and 84of our Social sciences’ book. Then, we had to do the summary of each page and the excercise one of the page 84, this excersise was very easy, and also an interesting homework that consisted in complete a table with a short biography of  some famous people of the Renaissence, and write what were their jobs oractivities.

    Three days later, on Thursday, we read a text about the printing press, because in the book there wasn't very much information about it. Later, we copied a text about the spread of Humanism. After that, Miriam gave us a sheet of paper wich explained how do a copy with the printing press. This sheet had four questions that we had to do as homework.

     Finally, on Friday, we corrected the questions of the sheet and also the table of some famous people of the Renaissance. Next, we saw a funny video of a song that explained the history of the Renaissance and which told about some Renaissance men.

By María M. and Alejandro L.2ºG

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