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sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Social Science

Yesterday, we looked for something interesting in our project’s folder. We found our amazing works such as: Hagia Sophia, Arthur’s legend in comic-form, the knights, the Bayeaux tapestry, Romanesque and Gothic art, a Muslim city, the Christian kingdoms, collection of Pre-Columbian civilizations, the role of craftsmen and the twolast paragraphs about the Arnolfini Portrait, and Henry VIII. It was difficult to choose the nicest work, but we decided to include the comic about the process of making bread, that we made in the 1st term, and half of the work about the Arnolfini Portrait. Now, we are learning about political and economicchanges. We are also improving our English. Geography and history class in English it’s so fun!
Carlos C. and Rosana B. 2ºH

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