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martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Last week in Science Class

On Monday we did a text to check our knowledge about Monera kingdom (bacterias), Protocist kingdom (protozoa and algae) and Fungi kingdom (yeasts, moulds and mushrooms).
Then we saw some theory about invertebrates. It was very funny! Do you know that a giant squid can be 20m long and can weight 1000kg? This animal is bigger than a bus!
On Wednesday we studied the invertebrates like marine sponges. Some invertebrates can’t move so they obtain their food by filtration. I think that this is not possible on the earth.
The teacher gave us a photocopy of a sponge to colour it. I laughed a lot with it.
On Thursday James comes with us. He shows us a power point about the invertebrates. It was very funny. We see a video of a sponge. When you put some colorant in water the sponge absorbs it and because the colorant is not food the sponge expel the colorant.
Then we see another video of... Sponge Bob! I laugh very much with it. By Jorge 1º B

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